About Me

My name is Esther Pollak (neé Federic). I was born in Chile in 1982, where I have lived all my life. I’m married and have five children and, until recently, I was mostly (on and off) a stay-at-home mom. When I finished high school I started studying Architecture (which I didn’t finish, because in the meantime I got married and had kids, which made it really hard for me to complete such a demanding career) and later Pedagogy. I worked for some years as an elementary school teacher, but realized that I wasn’t really cut out for the task and was having a hard time staying motivated and getting the job done day in and day out. Still, I always had the certainty, a hard to explain knowledge, that there had to be something out there really meant for me, profession-wise. 


About two years ago I had what I can only call an “epiphany”. I saw a breathtakingly beautiful Jewish piece of art at a friend’s house and I knew, right then and there, that painting was precisely what I was meant to do in terms of a career. I started taking art lessons three times a week (plus daily practice at home). This literally opened up a new world for me and I can say that painting is one of the things I enjoy the most in life. I love the solitude, the quiet time with myself and my thoughts. And mostly, I’d say that I view painting as a spiritual experience, where I get to connect to God and my inner spiritual reality. Probably that’s the reason why most of my work involves religious themes.


I know that I still have so much to learn and grow as an artist, and I think that I’m still discovering what my style is, but I’m really happy and grateful for where I am right now in this awesome journey!

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